Taking Antibiotics During Travel

Taking Antibiotics During Travel

During the travel you can experience many diseases such as diarrhea. Especially during the journey, people with diarrhea prefer to take antibiotics to heal. However, this may cause unconscious use of antibiotics or cause some negative consequences.

You can damage your bowels

Excessive and unnecessary use of antibiotics can damage the intestinal microflora. For this reason, you should not take antibiotics without taking a precaution or without a doctor’s recommendation. Remember that these drugs do not protect you from viruses and parasites.

Doubles the risk of developing bacteria

Taking antibiotics during the journey can help your current illness. But it makes your body open to bacteria. According to a study, taking antibiotics during travel increases the risk of bacteria entering your body twice.

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria can be formed

According to a study, the use of antibiotics during travel may lead to the formation of antibiotic resistant bacteria in the body. Even if you do not notice these bacteria most of the time, they may have harmful consequences. These bacteria, which may prevent the antibiotics to be used later, can be seen in most of the antibiotic users during the trip.

It may cause side effects

Even if you think that the use of antibiotics will help your discomfort, this is in fact wrong. The use of unnecessary antibiotics, other than the possibility of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, may also cause problems such as headaches. Do not take antibiotics with you during your travels unless there is a doctor’s advice to avoid side effects.