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All of our hospitals within the group meet the highest global standards, standing out with our Centres of Excellence. They include 11 Cancer Centres (surgical, radiotherapy, chemotherapy), 16 Heartcare Centres (pediatric, adult cardiology and cardiac surgery), 14 In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Centres, 10 Organ Transplant Centres (liver, kidney, bone marrow), 10 Spine Specialist Centres, 3 Sports Medicine Centres (accredited by FIFA) and 6 Robotic Surgery Centres; all of which are nationally and internationally accredited and qualified centres as they all contain the most state-of-the-art advanced medical technologies, equipment and highly qualified experts, that have significant experience in their specific fields.

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Our JCI-Accredited Hospitals

Acibadem began its journey in healthcare services as a small neighbourhood hospital in 1991 at a district of Istanbul, Turkiye. Today, Acibadem is a super brand which has taken its rightful place amongst the global healthcare leaders, with its 24 hospitals, 16 outpatient clinics and supporting service companies. Acibadem’s rapid growth led to the signing of a joint partnership with IHH Healthcare in 2012 which enabled us to be a part of the world’s second largest healthcare chain.

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Exclusive and Comfortable Treatment

In the whole process from the beginning to the end of your treatment process, the selection and application of each material to be used within the scope of personalized planning is meticulously carried out. Advanced techniques and modern technology, dentists who are experts in their fields offer a complete Oral and Dental Health care by performing Dental Treatments in a spacious and comfortable environment. 100% hygiene 100% satisfaction A very different ambiance where you will feel happy is waiting for you in our specially designed dental treatment center.

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Dental Treatment Turkey

When it comes to dental aesthetics, it is not enough to choose only among options such as laminate veneer, ceramic veneer, zirconium coating, e-max, onlay or whitening. Since the morphological, technical and aesthetic details of the existing teeth such as morphological structures, colors, forms, transparency and natural effects directly affect the natural and aesthetic appearance of the teeth, the process should be started after evaluation.

Aesthetic Dental Treatment Processes

  • General health information and anamnesis will be taken, and it is investigated whether there is an issue that may concern the treatment.
  • Once panoramic and periapical x-rays are taken, ideal aesthetic approach for the patient is determined and treatment plan will be made.
  • The treatment should be started by eliminating the health and/or hygiene problems in the teeth. So, treatment may begin with procedures aimed at restoring the health of the teeth, such as fillings, root canal treatments, and gingival treatment.
  • The teeth to be aesthetically applied are prepared and the first aesthetic intervention is performed by making composite temporary veneers in the same session, preventing your daily social life from being affected.
  • After taking impressions in the same session, all physical and digital data will be shared with our laboratory for error-free progress of design and production processes.
  • Infrastructure material is rehearsed and its suitability is tested.
  • At the final rehearsal, the final look of the teeth is submitted to the approval of the dentist and the patient. If necessary, corrections are requested from the laboratory.

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Why choose ACIBADEM for Dental Treatment in Turkey?

ACIBADEM Dental – a team of highly qualified dentists providing top of the line dental services for adults and children. Dental Excellence offers gentle and compassionate care, without stress or anxiety in a comfortable environment. Our doctors take personal interest in you. Our practice pays special attention to quality, while providing patients the benefit of affordable, state-of-the-art medical and dental services.

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If you can send us a recent panoramic x-ray and dental photos, our specialist doctor will evaluate your case. Our experienced consulting team will provide you treatment plan with estimated costs.

Travel & Accommodation

If you are satisfied with the treatment plan that was sent to you, you can make your travel arrangement. It is finally time for your journey to Turkey. We will offer a comfortable accommodation close to the hospital during the treatment process.

Starting to Treatment

We plan all details about treatment with using smile design application, photographs and x-rays at the first appointment. And we start your treatment within the same day.

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Smile Makeover

The Smile Makeover, which we have heard frequently lately, makes your current dental condition look more aesthetically pleasing and more natural in an artistic sense, allowing you to have a magnificent appearance. Aesthetic Smile  Makeover is a physiological action that most clearly reveals some clues about the emotional world, but it is the most important communication tool that should be in harmony with the characteristic structure of our face.

And the first communication always starts with a smile…

The common expectation of all our patients who request Smile Aesthetics  in addition to dental treatments, all surgical procedures for teeth and gums and all interventions for aesthetic reasons are treatments to achieve the most beautiful smile (in accordance with the golden ratio).

In the past, the first problems that come to mind when dental treatments are mentioned were toothache, bad breath, tooth loss, but today, smile makeover related to teeth and gums has a very important place. As a result, the social lives of people who have to hide their smiles are negatively affected. Over time, with a lack of self-confidence, a situation may occur in which they begin  to be afraid of laughing in public.

A beautiful smile will give the person psychological strength, while at the same time it will create a better impression on the people around.

For beautiful and healthy smiles, you can get free consultation from our dental treatment center and meet us and benefit from the services of our clinic.

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Zirconium Crowns

Made of ceramic or porcelain material, zirconium is a shiny and solid element. Zirconium tooth crown consists of a white material and does not contain metal. It is used by dentists for coating the tooth surfaces of people who want to have an aesthetic smile and white teeth.

Zirconium Crowns is a white alloy applied instead of gray metal, which is the infrastructure of classical porcelain bridges and prostheses made by individuals due to lack of teeth in their mouths. Among the main reasons for the use of Zirconium, apart from aesthetic purposes,

Zirconium dental crowns are generally processed in the form of porcelain veneers. The pure mineral state of the zirconium used during this coating process is made into zirconia ceramics by going through some processes and then processed in special furnaces and used for teeth. In addition to being an aesthetic application, it is applied for discoloration or hereditary color changes in the teeth. For teeth that cannot be solved by whitening methods, zirconium dental crowns provide very effective results.

Zirconium crown application is performed by specialist physicians for those who want to have a more aesthetic smile. Zirconium, which is used in tooth making and has a white color, is an application in which very successful results are revealed. In cases where teeth whitening methods are helpless, zirconium comes into play and provides the desired images on the teeth. In addition, zirconium tooth coating also brings many advantages.

Patients prefer zirconium because of the advantages of the treatment. It takes shape easily and can be easily turned into white color. They are artificial teeth with the most similar structure to the main teeth due to their natural appearance.

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Dental Treatment in Turkey

Our dental team is extremely highly trained and very experienced in cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery. We believe everyone deserves a healthy and charming smile. Are you looking for a dentist that listens to your desires? Would you like to enjoy the self-confidence that comes with a more beautiful smile?

Dental Implant

A Dental Implant is an artificial tooth root made of titanium or other biocompatible material that is surgically placed in the jawbone to support a replacement tooth or Bridge. The Implant integrates with the bone and becomes a stable support for an Implant Crown or Implant Bridge. Dental Implants are a safe, effective and long-lasting solution for missing teeth and can help to preserve the jawbone, preventing the loss of facial structure that can occur with missing teeth. Timescale: 1-2 Weeks.

Smile Makeover

A smile makeover is a Cosmetic Dental Treatment that involves placing custom-made restorations over one or more teeth to improve their appearance. Dental Crowns and Laminate Veneers are used to address a variety of cosmetic concerns such as discolouration, gaps, chips, and uneven or misshapen teeth. They can also improve the overall appearance of your smile by creating a more symmetrical and attractive look. Timescale: 5 Days.

All-On-4® Dental Implants

The ” All-on-4®️” Dental Implant treatment refers to a procedure where just four Dental Implants support a full arch of teeth (for the upper or lower jaw). In cases where a full restoration is needed, the All-on-4®️ solution can be applied to both jaws. This treatment is popular for patients who have lost most or all of their teeth in a single arch (upper or lower) or in both arches and where a permanent solution that is more stable. Timescale: 1-2 Weeks.

Dental Veneers

Laminate Veneers are custom restorations made from porcelain or ceramic, fitting over the front surface of a tooth to improve its appearance. Laminate Veneers are a popular treatment option for people with slight cosmetic concerns such as discolouration, small gaps, small chips, and uneven or slightly misshapen teeth. Laminate Veneers are one of the most requested treatments for patients travelling to Turkey. Thanks to the significant investment made in the latest Dental Technology, a wide range of Veneers are now available according to your preference and, of course, your budget. Laminate Veneers are one of the most requested treatments. Timescale: 1-5 Days.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns, also known as dental caps, are prosthetic devices that cover a tooth to restore its shape, size, strength, and appearance. They are custom-made to fit over a prepared tooth, encasing it above the gumline. Dental crowns are commonly used in restorative and cosmetic dentistry to address various dental issues and improve the functionality and aesthetics of teeth. Timescale: 1-4 Days

Composite Bonding

One of the main appeals of Composite Bonding is the aesthetic enhancement it provides. By repairing chips, closing gaps, or resolving discolouration, this procedure can offer a dramatic difference in the appearance of your smile line. Ideal candidates for Composite Bonding are those with minor cosmetic dental issues who are seeking a less invasive and more cost-effective treatment option. Timescale: 1-5 Days

Gum Contouring

Gum Contouring also referred to as Gum Reshaping is a technique used to reshape the gum line. Sometimes, even with the most perfect set of teeth, our Smile can be let down by our gums. If you have a low or uneven gum line, often described as a ‘gummy smile’, or if your gum line is uneven, Gum Contouring/ Reshaping will ensure your smile line looks more balanced and symmetrical. A gummy smile or uneven gum line is often concealing a significant portion of healthy tooth that once revealed can be transformative, changing the way your entire mouth presents.. Timescale: 5 Days

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Our Doctors

Acibadem International is a one-stop international patient centre that serves medical and healthcare tourists. At Acibadem, we always strive for excellence and aim to make the highest quality medical care and treatments accessible, convenient and reassuring for thousands of international patients who visit Turkey every year.

Hatice AĞAN M.D.

Beril Karakaya GÖKÇİMEN M.D.

Assoc. Poyzan BOZKURT M.D.

About Us

Why ACIBADEM Health Point?

Acibadem Health Point is a one-stop international patient centre that serves medical and healthcare tourists. At Acibadem, we always strive for excellence and aim to make the highest quality medical care and treatments accessible, convenient and reassuring for thousands of international patients who visit Turkey every year.

From the moment patients arrive at Istanbul Airport until they return home, the Acibadem team is by their side. It begins with the Acibadem Health Point lounge at the airport, where we provide a free internet service for international patients while they wait to be escorted to their hospital or hotel transfer.
At Acibadem, our patients are also entitled to personal interpreters and given discounts for additional services and treatments. This helps support our patients throughout their healthcare journey in Turkey.

  • A healthcare organisation with highest global standards and quality
  • The most comprehensive treatments, operations and patient care
  • Doctors and Hospitals of the highest calibre, equipped with the most latest state-of-the-art medical equipment and technologies

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Teeth Implant Treatments

Implants are artificial tooth roots placed in the jawbone and made to support dentures. Fixed or removable prostheses made on these long-lasting and life-long artificial roots, which are made to replace missing teeth, fulfill the patient’s chewing function and aesthetics.

In which cases is implant treatment applied?

  • In cases where the patient cannot use the full prosthesis as a result of excessive bone resorption in the upper and lower jaws with no teeth, the prosthesis is placed on the implants to increase the retention.
  • If the posterior region is edentulous in the loss of molars, a fixed bridge can be made on several implants instead of a removable partial denture.
  • In long edentulous cavities, the fact that the bodies of the bridges are long creates a problem. The support and durability of long bridges can be increased with one or more implants to be applied to the edentulous area.
  • In case of loss of a single tooth, a single implant can be placed on the missing tooth without the need to reduce the teeth on both sides of the missing tooth and a single crown can be made on it.

How is implant treatment applied?

Implant treatment is applied in sterile conditions by evaluating the general health status of the person. The bone condition of the jaw, the density of the bone, and the oral hygiene of the patient are the factors to be considered. Making millimetric measurements by using computed tomography before the operation increases the success. Local anesthesia is sufficient for implant treatment. The appropriate position for the missing tooth is determined and slots of sufficient length and diameter are created and placed. Implants can be applied to patients with good general health status and to any patient who is not inconvenient for implant treatment by their dentists.

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Acibadem Articles of Knowledge and Information

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ACIBADEM Digital Dentistry

One of the most important advantages of digital dentistry is the ability to design an aesthetic smile. With the help of a micro-camera, it allows the individual to make the desired changes in accordance with the face and mouth structure, to control the contact points with the opposing tooth, to make virtually abrasion, addition, contour changes, and to increase or decrease the frequency of contact points with the opposite teeth, on the teeth transformed into three dimensions with the help of a micro camera gives.

The contribution of digital design programs to digital dentistry and smile design is very useful and effective. Thanks to the fact that digital design programs allow online work, it is possible to get expert support from abroad and apply it to work, if necessary, without wasting any time.

Compatibility, sensitivity, aesthetic and functional preliminary evaluations of dental restoration designs with digital design programs can be made quickly on the models obtained with a 3D printer. Physicians, technicians and patients re-evaluate the necessary arrangements and make the necessary corrections on the 3d models. (without the need to add comments with abstract recipes) scanned on the scanner, redesigned and produced. In addition, it provides the opportunity to quickly integrate new materials, new techniques into clinical applications.

Thanks to digital dentistry, the images of the possible finished teeth are matched with the real face photograph of the individual, and the dentist and the individual have the opportunity to see the new restoration before it is finished.

Dental Cad / Cam systems are today’s technology in dentistry, where digital impressions can be taken directly from the patient’s mouth, scanning and restorations can be prepared with computer support.

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Acibadem Health Point is a one-stop international patient center that serves medical and healthcare tourists. Acibadem began its journey in healthcare services as a small neighbourhood hospital in 1991 at a district of Istanbul, Turkiye. Today, Acibadem is a super brand which has taken its rightful place amongst the global healthcare leaders, with its 24 hospitals, 16 outpatient clinics and supporting service companies. Acibadem’s rapid growth led to the signing of a joint partnership with IHH Healthcare in 2012 which enabled us to be a part of the world’s second largest healthcare chain.