Spending Time at the Airport

Spending Time at the Airport

You need to handle your works a few hours before your way to the airports. However, you may have to wait when you’re done. Don’t you want to make the time you spend waiting more enjoyable and more fun for you? You can use your waiting time at the airports as a resting opportunity for yourself.

Read the book

Most of us can’t find time to read books in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, a book that you will take with you while you are flying and waiting at the airport will help you enjoy your journey and ensure that your waiting time ends without you being noticed.

Watch the new episode of your favorite series

Especially trying to take your business life and home life together may not even have time for yourself, even your favorite directory. But you can watch the last episode of your show missing at an hour before the flight.

Did you look around in the airport?

There are many people at the airports. If you don’t want to spend your time sitting down, you can browse the airplane at the airport and have your legs stretched. This way, you can feel more energetic by getting rid of the fatigue of inactivity. In particular, you can reduce the exhaustion after a journey by walking before the flights you have to stay fixed.

Find little work such as handworks

There are many things you can do as a hobby. Hand-woven hobby products that you can carry with you can help you enjoy your time at the airport. Many of the hobbies can be applied at the airport, as is the hand-stitching of the mandala outside.

Develop  your own game

Each of the people is full of different stories, different emotions. When you are sitting at the airport, try to guess from which country people come from, where you are going, why you are going and what you think at that moment. You can play this game with your friend and produce new stories.

Use Acıbadem Health Point Lounge

If you have come to Istanbul or traveling from Istanbul to another place, you can use the Acıbadem Health Point’s lounge areas in the airport. With the free WiFi service provided here, you can browse the internet comfortably and have a quiet space for yourself.