Is It Bad To Crack Your Back?

Is It Bad To Crack Your Back?

Probably most of us heard the sentence ‘’Stop it!’’ when we crack our back. This habit aggravate the people around you. We often crack our back when we are too tired or sat long hours. Some people believe that cracking your back can cause many problems. Is it just an irritating habit or is it actually harmful?

Where Does The Noise Comes From?

Our joints are made up of tendons and ligaments, and we have cartilage in between that helps everything glide and move smoothly. When you apply pressure and crack your back, it releases gas and this is the sound that you hear.

Cracking your back every once in a while is okay. But when if it becomes a daily habit for you it can cause problems. Cracking your back can cause tendon, ligament tears and severe pain.

What Can Be Done?

Rather than cracking, you can do gentle stretching and exercising. They are safer ways to relieve tension. If you are at work take short breaks every hour and walk. Sitting long hours can increase the tension in your back.

A warm shower can also help. When you step out and dry off, slowly bend forward at the waist and hang toward the ground for 15 to 30 seconds. If you apply these simple methods, you can give up the habit of cracking your back.

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