How To Avoid Insect Bites

How To Avoid Insect Bites

If you are in green areas during your trips, the insects can be your nightmare. You can protect your trip from fun and then protect from insects that can cause itching. Here’s what you can do to protect yourself from insects!

Wear long

The first thing you have to do to protect yourself from insect bites is to choose the right clothes. Selecting long-sleeved and long-sleeved clothes is particularly effective in keeping insects away. Although it is difficult to do this in hot weather, you don’t want to call the insects wearing short!

Don’t under estimate the classics

Using insect repellent sprays is one of the most common and widely used methods. You can protect yourself from insect bites with insect repellent sprays. Take care not to walk barefoot while walking in wooded areas.

Use coconut to protect from insects

They like fragrances like perfumes and cologne. For this reason, avoid the sweet and plant-like odors, especially in wooded areas. However, many bugs do not like the smell of coconut and this prevents them from approaching you. You can keep most of the beetle away from yourself by using coconut oils or soaps.

Don’t be panic

When you see an insect near you, do not make panic and sudden movements. Especially when you see the bee, sudden movements can have bad consequences. By staying still, you can prevent the insect from biting you by waiting for the insect to move away or slowly moving away from you.

Don’t camp at the water fronts

If you have gone to camp, do not install the tent on the edge of the water. The amount of flies in these areas is higher. This increases the likelihood of a bite. If you have to set up a tent in the vicinity of water, be sure to keep the door of your tent closed.

Keep food and drinks closed

Close your food while eating outside. In this way, you will prevent the insects coming to you by following the smell.