Dealing With Flu While Travel

Dealing With Flu While Travel

The purpose of travel is generally to relax and refresh. However, the flu can cause problems. The period between February and March is known as the flu season. Although it is one of the preferred periods of time to travel around the year, it is likely that you will have a flu when you want to travel between these dates.

Changes in cabin pressure and dry air during aircraft travel may cause your immune system to fall. As a result, you may have flu. However, it is in your hands to prevent the flu from ruining your holiday.

Here are the easiest ways to cancel your holiday and not return home when you are away from home!

Relaxing is the most important thing

Even though it is one of the main purposes of holiday, we are more tired with the relief of being away from work and we will return with more tired holiday. However, when the body’s resistance is low, resting is very important. You should create more relaxation areas for yourself especially in the intensity of the travels and the fatigue of the trips.

Listen to it when your body begins to signal that you need to listen. In this way, you can continue your holiday more easily by collecting power.

Drink plenty of fluids

Increase your daily fluid intake to avoid influenza influences. Fluid consumption helps to eliminate the effects of flu-induced fever in the body. It prevents the body from being dehydrated and it prevents your body from having more strain.

You do not have to use only beverages to increase your fluid consumption. Foods such as watermelon, melon and grapes also contain plenty of water. When you consume these nutrients, your body can take the liquid to prevent dehydration.

Stay away from alcohol

Alcohol creates a dehydration effect on the body. It also damages the white blood cells. White blood cells play the role as fighters of your body in case of illness. As a result of damage to these cells, your body resistance decreases and your healing process is prolonged. Even if it’s hard not to drink alcohol on holiday, take care of it.

Don’t wait to get cured by itself

It may take a while to recover when your body’s resistance has fallen. If you are on vacation and have a flu, you should see a doctor. In this way, you can recover faster and continue to enjoy your holiday.

If you are vacationing in a foreign country, you can find the location of a hospital near you from your hotel and take the precaution of your illness.

With the Acıbadem Health Point application and website, you can also get a second opinion of the doctor, get an idea of what you can do to increase your body resistance and reduce the side effects of the flu.

*According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention