Before Taking Plane

Before Taking Plane

The only thing you can do to ease your processes before boarding to plane is not to have check-in previously. With the travel advice we bring together for you, you can facilitate the processes before boarding the plane.

Get a screenshot of your ticket

Even though we live in the age of the Internet, we can still encounter problems such as the internet does not attract. In the absence of the Internet, you only need one screenshot to use your electronic ticket. The screenshot you get on board does not only guarantee your business, but also allows other people waiting in line to move smoothly.

Don’t wait at check-in line

If you forgot to check in online, you don’t have to wait for hours during check-in. You can expect a queue to sit down at one of the cafes at the airport. You can enter the queue with the announcement that your flight time is approaching. Since your flight is a takeoff, you will have priority in the queue.

Select the correct line

Especially when you enter for passport control, choose the queues where there are business travelers, not families with children. In this way, you can take your plane in a shorter time by performing your transactions.

Jewelry to the bag

As you pass the security check, you have to get rid of the jewelry and electronic devices. If you do not want to go through the x-ray device repeatedly during the check, put your jewelry in your bag. At the same time by wearing comfortable clothes will make your flight easier. You can visit our blog to learn how to pack your jewelry.

Get help from technology if you are traveling with your child

Tablets and other technological gadgets that children can play with are available as help at the airport and on board. You can let your child play a game to avoid getting bored. In this way, you can have a great journey.