ACIBADEM Health Group Psychology departments offer individual psychotherapy, family therapy, marriage and couple therapy, adolescent and child psychotherapy.

Areas served by psychologists; depression, anxiety disorders, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD), trauma disorders (PTSD), relationship problems, divorce problems, depression after divorce, depression in old age, loneliness, depression related to the mourning process, postpartum depression, work life problems and stress, social phobia, personality disorders, school problems, attention disorders, study problems, anxiety and fears during university preparation, career counseling, infertility, obesity, chronic diseases (cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.) and psychological problems accompanying terminal illnesses.) and psychological problems accompanying terminal illnesses.

Department of Psychology Diagnosis and Treatment Services

In ACIBADEM Health Group Psychology departments, all psychotherapy programs are implemented by psychologists in weekly sessions. The program to be applied is explained to the client in detail within the principles of confidentiality and boundaries. If deemed necessary, the case is followed up together with the psychiatry department.

Family Therapy

In Family Therapy programs, family communication problems, coalition and boundary problems, unexpressed emotions, personal and family awareness, empathy development are treated.

Marriage and Couple Therapy

Marriage and Couple Therapy programs include therapeutic work on open communication, expressing emotions, honesty, developing self-confidence and empathy, self- and couple awareness, and effective problem solving. There is a psychological support program for couples with infertility problems or undergoing treatment.

Adolescent and Child Psychotherapy

Adolescent and Child Psychotherapy programs provide a wide range of services such as parent counseling, psychotherapy for school-age children, adolescent depression, self-confidence development, school adaptation problems, coping with anxiety during

exam period, career counseling, behavioral problems, relationship problems, sexual problems and family conflict during adolescence. Pre-operative psychological support is also offered to pediatric patients undergoing surgery.