Special Travelers: Allergies

Special Travelers: Allergies

Practically no contra-indications exist for people with allergies. Even if your condition is serious, it should not keep you from travelling. You must simply meet two conditions: know and understand your own body and its reactions, and follow to the letter your doctor’s prescriptions. Your allergy must be perfectly controlled before travelling; Make an appointment with your doctor one week before your departure. This allows enough time to adjust to a possible treatment change relative to your trip.

Before Your Trip

In addition to every traveller’s indispensable medical kit, take enough of your habitual treatment with you and plan additional rations as well. Ask your doctor for medication in case of possible aggravations: antihistamines, corticoids, even adrenaline to react quickly in a difficult situation. He/she can also prescribe antibiotics that you can take with you, especially if you are travelling to countries where the pharmacies have few provisions. Be careful! All self-administered medication is dangerous and should be kept for emergencies when it’s impossible to have an immediate opinion from a medical professional.

If You Have Food Allergy

If you’re going to make a long journey by airplane, ask the airline company about their policies against food allergy. You can buy the appropriate food by saying that you are allergic to what foods.

If You Are Allergic to Pets

If you are allergic to pets, ask the airline company you will be using if you are traveling with a pet in the passenger cabin. Find out if there are pets in your hotel.