Avoid Food Poisonıng While You Trave

Avoid Food Poisonıng While You Trave

If you have ever experienced food poisoning you will agree that it is a horrible thing. Especially while traveling, it can destroy your whole holiday. Different cultures have different cuisines and storage conditions. Follow our simple advices to avoid food poisoning while traveling.

Wash Your Hands

Yes, it is simple but washing and drying your hands should be the first thing you do before your meal especially if you are in a foreign country. Every country has different hygene standarts so making sure that your hands are clean is important.

Know The Risky Foods

As we have mentioned before every country has a different cuisine. There can be certain flavours that you are not used to eating which will have bad effect on your stomach. The symptoms of food poisoning can vary from vomiting to fevers and nausea. Play it safe and don’t eat  things that you are not really sure.

Stay Away From Street Food

Depending on how busy a street food vendor is, food may be sitting around for a while before you come along and buy it. If you don’t believe that it has sanitary standarts, avoid it. Otherwise, you may experience food poisoning.

Check The Date

Always keep an eye on the best before section while you are shopping. If you are going to buy frozen food, make sure that you buy them at the end of your shopping so they don’t get warm. Certain packaged foods can cause food poisoning if they are not consumed on time.