How To Prevent Seasonal Hair Loss?

How To Prevent Seasonal Hair Loss?

Hair loss can occur for many reasons but the most common of all is seasonal shedding. Seasons can affect our hair growth and the season that we experience hair loss is winter. In the summer, hair tends to grow more because the sun is stronger and brighter. This is the time to increase the quality of our hair. Keep reading to find out how!

Treat Your Hair

Don’t just shower and go. Take your time to treat your hair. There are many hair treatments such as oils, shampoos formulized for your hair type, conditioners, mask. However, there is one thing that is more important than these. Beauty comes from within so you have to support your hair from inside. You can do it by taking vitamins, eating healthy and drinking water. Sometimes hair falls out due to a vitamin deficiency. You can take biotin which is known for hair growth.


Brushing is a really great way to clean out the damaged hair and make way for the new. When you brush your hair out, you stimulate the follicle. This helps to grow hair in a quicker pace. We recommend brushing your hair out every morning and every night before going to bed.


Some hair loss are not seasonal, they are symptomatic. Stress can be the main reason of your hair shedding. If you are experiencing hair loss more than normal standars that can be due to stress in your life. If there is not a hormonal issue under this hair loss, you should find ways to relieve yourself.

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