How To Handle Electronics At The Airport?

How To Handle Electronics At The Airport?

While traveling with lots of electronics the security line can be the most stressful part of our travel day. For example do we really have to remove our laptop at the security check? Keep reading to find all the tips!


Every country’s regulations are different but there are some common rules reffered as TSA that are valid all around the globe. The rules are fairly clear when it comes to traveling with laptops at airport security. They must come out of your bag and go into their own bin. So don’t but them in your luggage! Keep it in a place that is easy to access within your bag.

Other electronic devices

Ipads, tablets and smart phones are should be removed too. However,  E-readers don’t seem to be considered as the same category as laptops and shouldn’t be required to be removed according to the official TSA.

Camera equipment can become tricky too! You should pack your bodies, lenses, and accessories in a padded carry-on bag.

We recommend making everything as easy for yourself as possible. Because you may be asked to take every electronic device out.