How to Cope With Flight Anxiety

How to Cope With Flight Anxiety

Airplanes are the safest means of transport. But, the act of traveling and flying itself can trigger anxiety for some people. How early do you need to get to the airport? What if your flight is canceled? Thinking about these questions may cause fear of flight. However, it is in your hands to prevent this situation.

Visit the airport

Visiting the airport and watching the takeoffs and landings of the aircraft before your flight can be useful to defeat your flight fear. Doing so will make the situation ordinary for you and reduce your perception of danger. It will also help you to relax and watch people go to the airport before your flight. Seeing people move in a comfortable and natural way can destroy your flight anxiety.

Start with short distances

Prefer short flights instead of a long flight to defeat aircraft concerns. This way you can familiarize yourself with the normality and mediocrity of the situation. These short flights, which do not exceed one hour, are a useful exercise to confront your fear and increase your confidence in yourself.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol        

If you are afraid of flights, the first thing you should do is avoiding caffeine and alcohol before the flight. These types of drinks increase your anxiety.

Keep yourself busy

Try keeping yourself busy all the time. Bring a magazine, book or download your favorite movie. Beyond just having something to do on the flight, it helps to have something to distract yourself from any uneasy thoughts.

Contact the cabin team

Watching the confident and relaxed attitude of the cabin crew during the flight will convince you that there is nothing you will be stretched and will reduce your flight anxiety. For this reason, you can observe the cabin crew and if you feel very uncomfortable, you can talk to the pilot before the flight.

Inform the cabin crew about your flight concern. Providing information about your flight and taking care of you will reduce your flight anxiety. In this way, you can comfortably relieve the house in an emergency.

Be careful with the seat selection

If you are traveling for the first time and feel nervous about it, pay attention to your choice of seats. The distance between the seats is less in the aircraft. This may increase your tension and increase your flight anxiety. In order to avoid this situation, you can prefer the seats with an emergency exit door or seats in the corridor on your first flights.