How To Avoid Jet Lag?

How To Avoid Jet Lag?

Traveling and discovering new places can be fun and adventurous but abrupt changes in time zone can throw off our balance. Jet lags can leave us tired, sleepless, anxious and dizzy. A drug for jet lag hasn’t been invented yet but there are things that will definitely help you to minimise the side effects.

Get a Good Night Sleep

Before your flight, make sure that you get adequate sleep. ‘’Don’t sleep before your flight and you will sleep like a baby’’ is a complete myth. Existing sleep deficit will worsen your jet lag. If you have option, try traveling in westward direction. Westward travel lengthens the normal day-night cycle.

Reduce Caffeine

Caffeine consumption is one of the most important things in long flights. Caffeine makes your more alert and doesn’t make you fall asleep. You should stay hydrated before and during long flights. Drink water regularly and do some pysical activity such as walking and stretching.

Set Your Watch

Set your watch to the time of your destination. Try to get in sync with the new time zone with your sleep and eating while in flight. Adjust to the new time zone before going to your destination is the best advice when it comes to jet lag.

Arrive in Daytime

Set your flight to arrive your destination at daytime. Arriving late at night destroys your sleep cycle and contributes to jet lag. When you arrive expose yourself to sun as much as possible since this stimulus will help reset your body clock.