Healthiest Flight

Healthiest Flight

Do you want to have the healthiest flight ever? Follow our tips and you won’t regret!

Book An Early Flight

If you are not strict with timing pick the first flight of the day. The first flights don’t get delayed which means you don’t have to wait long hours at the airport.


Especially in long flights stretching your body is really important.  Get up at and walk through the aisle least once an hour to stretch out your muscles, which can help prevent DVT and blood clots. Keep in mind that if you take off your shoes, your feet will get swollen too because of the low pressure inside the cabin.


Before taking off and landing don’t forget to equalize the air pressure in your ears. The best optionsa are chewing gum, yawning and swallowing. If you have your baby with you carry a bottle or pacifier to equalize the pressure.

Drink Chamomile Tea

Instead of consuming caffeine which is not the best option when flying, drink chamomile tea. Chamamolie tea is known for relieveing stress. It also helps you to sleep. Bring a bag of it and just ask for hot water.