Foot Care During Travel

Foot Care During Travel

Your feet may get too tired during the journey even if you’re not aware of. In a small area, stopping without moving will slow your blood flow, causing pain and swelling on your feet. But you will not prevent it! Here’s what you can do to protect your foot health during your travels!

Choose a comfortable shoe to get rid of foot pain

One of the most important steps to protect your foot health is to choose the right shoe. The shoe you choose should fit your foot, not big or small. At the same time be sure to choose a shoe that fits your foot structure. When choosing shoes, remember that comfort is important for the feet that carry the entire load of the body.

Do not use high heels

Although you get a stylish combination with high-heeled shoes, especially when traveling, stay away from them. Choose shoes that support your foot and help you move around comfortably to avoid swelling and pain in your feet after the journey.

Beware of your feet when you pass through airport security

You may be asked to remove your shoes when passing through the detector at airports. You can wear slippers to make this process easier and to make your feet feel more comfortable. However, when you hit the ground, you are likely to get some diseases like fungi. Be sure to wear the galoshes supplied by the sock or airport to protect your foot health and to avoid such illnesses.

Move your feet on the plane

Staying still too long during long hours of flight is not good for your foot health and blood circulation. For this reason, move your feet where you sit or walk in the hallway if you can.

Keep your feet clean

Not only in your daily life but also in your daily life by washing your feet can minimize the possible infections. At the same time while taking care not to bare feet to the ground with healthy feet to help you make your holiday.

Don’t forget to rest your feet

When you get away from work and daily life, you may want to spend all your days exploring new places. But remember that your feet need rest. It is very important to rest your feet trapped inside the shoes, especially in hot weather. This way, you will not feel foot pain at the end of the day.