Feeling Fresh After A Long Flight

Feeling Fresh After A Long Flight

Traveling doesn’t have to be exhausting and flights can be fun due to the excitement of knowing you’re going somewhere special. However, we all know that most people can’t handle long flights. By following our simple tips below, you can master the art of ‘’Surviving After Long Flights’’

Drink Water

Hydration is one of the most important things when you are on a plane. The air in the cabin is much thinner compared to the ground. Therefore, how much you are drinking  is more important than you can ever think. Don’t forget that caffeine is not your friend If you are on a long flight.

Sleep Well Before&After Your Flight

Make sure that you get a good and long night sleep before your flight to avoid starting your day already feeling tired. ‘’Don’t sleep much the night before and you’ll sleep like a baby on the plane’’ is totally a myth. Try to maximize your sleep during the flight. Take your blanket, eye mask and noise cancelling headphones and get the most of the sleep as much as possible.

Skip Alcohol

Yes, alcohol is free but it takes away all the hydration you need from your body. Some meals go well with alcohol. If you want to feel fresh when you land, you need to make some sacrifices. Stick with water and juices while your flight.


If you have a few hours, shower is the best thing you can do. Showers work wonders if you can’t get much sleep while flying. You can think shower as a liquid sleep. If you can’t shower or don’t have any time for yourself, washing your face is always an easy option.

Change Your Clothes

Changing into a new set of clothes always makes you feel fresher instantly, especially after a long flight.  If you don’t have a full day ahead of you to get ready from the beginning, use airport bathrooms and update your look. Change your clothes and your socks, spray on deodorant and continue your day.