Do Multivitamins Improve Health?

Do Multivitamins Improve Health?

It is believed by many people that vitamins are essential for a healthy functioning body. There are tv commercials, ads on billboards everywhere about daily multivitamins. Does daily multivitamins improve our health? Here are the most common facts about multivitamins!

A multivitamin supplement isn’t neccessary

As we said, vitamins are essential for human body, however taking a multivitamin supplement isn’t necessarily going to improve your health. It is likely to help if you are found to have a deficiency of a certain vitamin. A healthy person doesn’t need to take vitamins everyday while pregnant and elderly people should use under doctor control.

Don’t take too much multivitamins

Although there’s no harm in taking a multivitamin, getting too much of a particular one can cause adverse side effects. For example, too much intake of Vitamin C can result digestive problems. When deciding which vitamin brand and option to buy, don’t consider the price. The most expensive one may not be the most effective. Instead opting for the most expensive, ook at the information and ingredients on the back of the label.

When should you use it?

Those who eat properly do not need multivitamin support. However, individuals with low energy diets, those with unbalanced dietary habits, vegetarians, people with iron deficiency and anemia, pregnant women and nursing women may need to take multivitamin supplements with a doctor’s recommendation.