Avoid Post-Travel Depression

Avoid Post-Travel Depression

You worked all year and you are tired both physically and mentally. A short break is what you need! Enjoying the sun, sea, nature with your loved ones and sleeping as long as you want will be good for you. However many people experince post-travel depression when they come back from holiday. They have difficulties in adapting their daily life. What should be done to avoid post-travel depression?


Before going on holiday, complete all your responsibilities related to work. This is important if you don’t want to crack under the strain when you come back. Don’t tell your manager that you can handle things when you are not at the office. Holiday is the time to treat yourself, don’t do things that you don’t have to. This way you don’t have to deal with a lot of work as you return from vacation, and you can reduce your risk of getting post-holiday syndrome.


There is no doubt that resting your head is the aim of holidays. However don’t cut off communication with the world.  Keep in touch with your co-workers. Talk to your friends regularly and try reading at least one newspaper a day. Follow the latest developments in your country and in world. Staying in touch with your friends will also reduce your chances of experiencing post-holiday depression.

Keep yourself busy on the last day of your holiday

You’re going back to work. But don’t ruin your last day thinking about it. Be sure to do all the activities you want to rest and do as you can. In this way, your mind is not about the fact that your holiday is about to end and you will not have post-holiday depression.

Do not start work immediately if possible

After the holiday, you may experience difficulties in focusing on your business. As you return from holiday, starting your holiday increases your chances of getting post-holiday depression. If you have a chance to go late for a day, consider this. And set your return on Friday, so you can stay for the weekend. You can tackle the risk of post-holiday depression as well as the jet lag if you’ve experienced a jet lag.

Holiday in your backyard

If you don’t want to get to the post-holiday depression after returning from vacation, you can fool your mind by planning the day you are still on holiday. For this, you can try to explore the city you live in as a tourist, you can join the tourist tours. In this way, you get to know the city you live in better and you will have a transition to finish your holiday and get back to work.