Being Older Don’t Stop Traveling

Being Older Don’t Stop Traveling

Life expectancy is increasing, the retirement age is getting older and senior citizens are travelling more and more. It’s essential to get a medical check-up before your departure, as this will enable both the doctor and traveller to judge whether or not the trip is even possible.

Contact your doctor

Contact your doctor before traveling to get his approval. You can also get advice from your doctor about the medicines you should take with you. In this way, you can avoid medical problems that may occur during travel or you can easily get over.

In case of a chronic illness or complicated previous medical history, ask your doctor to write a medical report, preferably in English, that summarises your situation (background, description of your illness, past cases, results of recent tests, etc.) and mentions your usual treatment.

Do not forget to check-up before travel. You can visit our website to find the appropriate check-up.

Book travel insurance

It is very important to have travel insurance for the problems you may have abroad. If you need to go to the hospital suddenly, you don’t have to pay high fees due to your travel insurance.

Protect your stomach

One of the benefits of aging is to have a more sensitive stomach. Therefore, pay attention to what you eat while traveling. If you are abroad, ask for the contents of the food and choose dishes that will not touch your stomach.

“Don’t clean my room“

One of the nice things about staying in hotels is that your room is cleaned every day. However, this situation also brings with you the risk of stolen valuables. In order to avoid this situation, do not hang the sign indicating that you want your room to be cleaned. Indicating that you want to clean your room is almost an indication that the room is empty and open to speed. Tell the thieves that you would like to have your room cleaned by calling for advice instead of showing you where you are. This way, your room will be cleaned even if you leave ”clean my room” sign on the door.

At the same time, choosing your room close to the elevator can also be a deterrent on thieves. It’s much harder to steal in places where too many people go, right?

Keep your medicine beside you

You should protect your valuables from thieves and protect your medicines. Do not take your medication, which may be lost during cleaning or when you may need to walk around. Make sure that the medication bag you left in the room is closed. In this way, you can avoid the possibility of falling in your absence.

Be aware of your physical limits

One of the problems of old age is that your physical limits are not the same. Therefore, remember that you need to rest while browsing. Rest your feet by sitting or stretching during your trips. In this way, you can get rid of pain in the evening.