5 Reasons Why You Are Feeling Tired

5 Reasons Why You Are Feeling Tired

Do you always feel yourself tired even though you get enough sleep at night? Having energy for our daily routine is essential however most of us can’t find enough motivation and struggle to complete our responsibilites. Here are 5 most common reasons why you are always feeling tired according to dieticians.

Consuming Too Many Refined Carbs Makes You Tired

It is true that carbs give you energy. However the energy you get from carbs is short term. When you eat them they break into sugar and your body uses it as a fuel. When you consume too much carbs your blood sugar levels increase in a very short period of time which leaves you exhausted throughout the day.


Up to 60% of the human body is comprised of water. When you lose just 1.5% of the water in your body dehydration occurs. Working at an air conditioned office sometimes makes us forget about drinking water. Lack of water consumption can lead to tiredness.

Low Iron Levels

Iron is a mineral which helps with transporting oxygen around the body. If you have low iron levels, it is common for you to feel tired and dizzy all the time. Iron can be checked with a easy blood test. Eating red meat, chicken and fish increases iron levels in your body.


If you are trying to lose weight or can’t find time to eat you may be taking not enough calories. Lack of calorie intake can cause fatigue. When you eat too few calories, your metabolism slows down in order to conserve energy, potentially causing fatigue.

Food Intolerance

Food intolerances can cause low energy levels and makes you tired. You may be even intolerant to your favorite food. You can get it tested and determine your triggers and food groups that are not good to you.